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Guca Brass Festival


Guca is "the Capital of Trumpet". Since 1961 Guca village has been hosting the Brass Band Festival – one of the biggest and most visited music events in the world, and the most famous trumpet competition. Almost 1.000.000 visitors from Serbia and from all over the world come to the town of 2,000 citizens every August. The brass band music during Guca Festival never stops. Brass Bands from Serbia and all over the world wander through the village during the day and night at cafes and in the streets and virtuously play their trumpets... Guca is waiting for you to experience this event with every vein in your body that will lift you up to a higher level to a happening you will never forget. The sound of Serbian trumpet became the reason to visit this unique holiday of brass instruments in the village of Guča in Dragačevo. 

            Today orchestras from around the country, region and abroad, head for Guča to compete for the best orchestra and the best solo performer. The festival is followed by numerous cultural and art programs, but surely the central event of the manifestation is the announcement of the winners.

            The unforgettable experience and unique atmosphere of great sound and fun, will surely make you return next year.



We can arrange transportation for you by car, mini van or bus.

Available from airport ''Nikola Tesla'' Belgrade and from Budapest airport to Guča.

One-way price is starting from 20 EUR. Price depends on number of persons.



Private rooms

During the Guca Brass Festival, we arrange accommodation in rural households located in the centre of Guca village, or nearby villages. Accommodation is available in double, triple and quadruple rooms with bathrooms or shared bathrooms.

The price of overnights starts from just € 35,- per person including breakfast.

Minimum: 3 overnights.



If you would rather take your tent and stay in the Guča camp, there are 2 campsites in Guca: camp Brocic and camp Sreten. Camp sites are with showers, toilets, electricity power supply and all necessary staff awaiting you.

The price of overnight starts from just € 8,- per person

* together whit this program,the conditions and terms of the travel agency whit license OTP 104 from 04.02.2010 subagent Be in DOO are applied