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Belgrade Beer Fest


Belgrade Beer Fest™ is the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe, judging by the average number of the visitors. Within 5 days of duration, festival is visited by over 500,000 people. The festival has a large number of visitors due to its fundamental principles - free entrance, exceptional music programs and a wide range of domestic and foreign beer brands.

Belgrade Beer Fest™ was established in 2003. During past 11 years around 6.2 million visitors attended more than 490 free live music concerts, tasting of over 100 beer brands and participating in numerous social campaigns.

The festival has received numerous awards. One of those is the recommendation given by the British newspaper The Independent, which in the year 2005 ranked Belgrade Beer Fest™ among the top 20 world events that should definitely be visited. Professor Dennis Wilcox, in his book " PR Strategies and Tactics", which is used at over 350 universities across the globe, singled Belgrade Beer Fest™ out as a positive example of marketing and PR campaigns. On the occasion of the great social campaign "I choose to recycle" in 2009., whose objectives were to strengthen the environmental awareness of citizens and purchase recycling containers for Belgrade schools, festival received award from the marketing magazine "Taboo", as the marketing event of the year .
Thanks to all of this Belgrade Beer Fest™ has positioned itself as one of the most important segments of the tourist offer of Serbia, as well as the brand that works on promoting the country and strengthening its image.