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Hotel Merkur Vrnjacka Spa


"Merkur" Hotel is a state-of-the-art medical institution dealing with prevention, diagnosing, treatment and rehabilitation of digestion organs and diabetes. These services are provided by 50 doctors (most of whom are specialists and sub-specialists), 100 medical assistants who have secondary education or associate degree, and 180 medical consultants with graduate degree, college or secondary education. Health services are available in all the facilities 24 hours a day. Merkur has modern accommodation facilities in more than 850 beds throughout the year, amongst them the Merkur-new*** is the most luxurious and famous for providing a real pleasure to every guest. Hotel amenities : Massages, Sauna, Thermal baths, Thermal treatments, Whirlpool, Health center, Garden, Parking, Well-being Center, Thermal pool, TV, Restaurant, Dietetic Cuisine, Aqua center, Health center. Cures using Aromatherapy, Laser therapy, Hydrotherapy, Electro-therapy, Magneto-therapy, Thermo-therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietology.