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Crystal Code Apartments Belgrade



CRYSTAL CODE agency offers:

  •    More than 60 well equipped apartments
  •    Apartments with internet, cable TV, air conditioning
  •    Cleaning and replacement of bed linen and towels
  •    Parking places with surveillance
  •    Transportation from airport / train / bus station to the apartment
  •    Transportation to other destinations, on request
  •    Complete privacy and discretion
  •    Friendly staff, which is always at guest's service

Successful operations of the agency testifies more than 40,000 satisfied guests and over 130 companies that provided accommodation for its business associates with us. We can be proud of a long-standing cooperation with a number of successful companies, medical and educational institutions, the organizers of sports and cultural events, production houses... In addition to collaboration with our business partners, "Crystal Code" apartments also accommodate tourists and other visitors of Belgrade, with the priorities on the quality of accommodation and comfort.