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Koviljača spa


Koviljaca spa is located in the souther part of west Serbia . It lies on the right bank of the Drina river,at the foot of Gucevo mountain,  at 125 m above sea-level. The spa is 6 km from Loznica, 80 km from Valjevo and 145 km from Belgrade.

The sulphurous mineral waters (which range is 15 to 28°C) and the curative mud are the natural medicinal elements of Koviljaca spa. Thermo-mineral water used for therapeutical purposes, belongs to the category of sodium - calcium - hydrocarbonate hypothermas. The origin of Koviljaca spas peloid is mineral and it belongs to low alcal and reductive peloids. Famous for curring and recovering, various therapeutical substances used by modern physical medicine and rehabilitation are applied. Therapies: bathing in sulphurous thermomineral water, in bathtubes or swimming pools or local shower gel, peloid therapy in form of mud treatment, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, manual, vibrate and underwater masage.


In Koviljaca spa the following are treated:

·         all kinds of rheumatic diseases

·         post-traumatic conditions

·         post-operative spinal and post-hip and knee replacement conditions

·         Degenerative diseases of the joints and spinal column

·         Discushernia

·         motor neurone damage

·         gynaecological diseases (sterility)

·         Osteoporosis

·         Peripheril nervs lesias

·         Limphoderm

A special Children’s Rehabilitation Department, the first of its kind in Serbia, has been opened in the Specialised Hospital.

The spa is surrounded by one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Serbia, suitable for walking and leisure. The famous Kursalon spa ballroom building captivates visitors with its beauty, the rich interior evoking the spirit of bygone times and the opulent balls once held there.

The surrounding  area of Koviljaca spa is full of cultural and historical attractions. On Cer mountain there are the remains of old towns and fortresses (Kosanin and Trojanov Grad), as well as the Charnel House Memorial (Spomen Kosturnica), and in the spa itself there are the remains of Koviljkin Grad and Gradac monastery.

Nearby Koviljaca spa is Trsic, the birth place of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, with a state-protected ethnic village which shows visitors how life was in Vuk’s day. Also here is the Tronosa monastery, which houses the Museum of Vuk’s early school Life and is where the great man learned to read and write.

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