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Food for everybodys taste - WESTERN SERBIA


Minimum duration: 2 days
Maximum duration: 6 days



The journey begins with the beautiful Valjevo region, and the picturesque surrounding of Valjevo
mountains. Gently rolling hilly landscapes grow in mountain range: Jablanik, Medvednik, Povlen,
Maljen, Suvobor. Harmoniously integrated into a beautiful landscape and an exceptional living
museum of traditional ways of life and rural architecture, keeping the tradition of folk architecture,
cuisine and folklore… At the foot of Valjevo mountains, in untouched nature of beech forests,
mountain streams, vast pastures, where the best kajmak-cream is made, and where the tasteful
corn bread is baked, where You can toast with plum brandy before every meal, beautiful villages
found places: Lelić, Poćuta, Stave, Kamenica, Struganik… Here, according to ancient recipes  of
national cuisine, only the healthy food is eaten, and walking trails in pine forests benefits to a
health, and give interesting experience if You collect herbs and mushrooms.

We continue the journey towards south and come in the area of Užice municipality and Zlatibor
region. As every region, Užice also has its own specialities such as: prosciutto, brandy, buckweat
pie, and attractive and the most unique among them a set of bun or "bun with everything"
(komplet lepinja). It is made by the already baked egg bun down and mixed with cream cheese. For
a complete bun is only used old cream. It is very strong by the calories it consists and goes well with
yogurt. In the villages of Zlatibor and also on every restaurant of this neighborhood we can taste
famous prosciutto. Ham is made on the old way, like ancestors used to made it. No changes, no
additions and no seizure, no additives - only the addition of salt, and the meat is salted in dry
method. The famous place for producing the ham is Zlatibor village Mačkat.

Further on we go to Sjenica and Pešter plateau . When somebody says Pešter , many people first
think of food. Sjenički sir ‐ cheese from Sjenica is one of the most famous in the whole Balkan
Peninsula. Pester lamb is a rare delicacy, as it is difficult to find elsewhere, and veal from these
parts is exceptional delicacy on the tables all over the country and Europe. There are treats that you
can not taste anywhere except on Pester, as jardum - dense specialty of sheep milk, sudžuk or
buckwheat dishes that are prepared here with great love and great pleasure. If you like fish, the
best possible quality you can catch trout in one of the local rivers and lakes, and you can also buy
one of the two ponds. Pie from Sjenica and desserts are Oriental specialties that we do not need to

The journey goes back on the north to the region of Ivanjica and Golija mountain. Potatoes and
specialities made from it are one of the things this region is famous about. Musaka, pies from
potatoes are going to satisfied the most demanding gourmands. Also, palenta - corn grits,
powerful, tasty and healthy. Better then any cornflakes or cereal. It can be served with milk, cream,
cheese or yogurt…

Find out with us why for Serbian cuisine people says it is one of the most tasteful cuisines in the

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