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For the most demanding gourmets - VOJVODINA


Minimum duration: 2 days
Maximum duration: 6 days


As we go northern from Belgrade, towards area in Vojvodina called Srem, among various meat
products, for which Srem is famous, specialy interesting is sremska kobasica - sausage from
Srem, a big fat sausage of minced pork and bacon, seasoned with cayenne pepper and salt.
The longer it stands, the better the sausage is. It is great as an appetizer, in addition to pasta,
on sandwiches and other meals. With delicious meals from meat, great goes vines… Vinery in
Srem is one of the oldest in Europe. The grapevine is an offshoot of fertile hills of Fruska Gora
up since 1700., when it firs was planted by the Roman Emperor Probus. Bermet is still
producing in Sremski Karlovci, and in some wineries You can try it with the local sweet pie.
Vojvodina ham, sausage, and cheese from Srem best goes whit white vines such as Italian
Riesling, and along with a meat pie goes Cormorant, game or red Burgundy, and a fish stew
goes with pink or easier red wine.

The journey continuous towards the north, to the city of Subotica. Gastronomy of Subotica
and its surroundings is well known for its diversity. The people from this area are specified in
combining traditional and modern recipies. You will surely enjoy in the variety of gastronomic
delights,  superb  food,  fine  wine  and  acoustic  orchestras…  Specificity  of  Bačka  region  are
ranches. In past, there used to be hard living on a farm and now they are an ideal place for a
short break from city life or a holiday with countless activities and good Vojvodina cuisine.

There are served traditional dishes, authentic wines, brandies, and tambourine music listening
source. Many farms have been adapted to contemporary needs, offering comfortable
accommodation and some are enriched its offer, stables, ponds, pools and sports fields. For
all Salaš is a unique traditional hospitality and homely atmosphere. Goulash, domestic soup
with noodles, chicken stew with rice are just one small part Subotica offers.

Next we are about to see is third region in Vojvodina called Banat. Typical cuisine from Banat
is a blend of different influences of German and Hungarian cuisine. These effects are reflected
in a mixture of salt and sweet (boiled meat and sweet sauce, baking meat and salad from
cherries…), of all sorts of sour dough, and the proof is that the varieties of German names of
many dishes are saved in nowadays - so for lunch we can have “rimflajš”, after lunch strudels…
Nutrition in the Banat had to adjust to the lifestyle, which led to the preparation of "strong "
food, respectively it brought to the formation of gourmet cuisine.

Gastronomy of Vojvodina is one of the most attractive tourist offers and while You are staying
there - forget about any kind of diet. It is a place where a lot of good food is eaten…

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