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Wine Tour


Minimum duration: 2 days
Maximum duration: 6 days



Our first quest will take us to the banks of Danube River, far on the east, on sunny hills of Negotin region.
Their tradition of wine making comes from the time of Roman Empire, for the most trustworthy winemakers
were from these lands. Of course, tasting wine could be a very difficult and exhausting job, so our people came
up to the great idea - serving traditional Serbian snack, called ``mezzah`` with wine.

We will continue our journey towards south, directly to the most famous medieval cellars in town of
Aleksandrovac. These vineyards supplied Byzantine, and afterwards Serbian Royal court. A special vine sort
grows here - Prokupac. Aleksandrovac wines were so appreciated and known for its strength and taste, that
they were crucial part of Serbian heroic epics - whenever a hero has to go into the battle, he would refresh his
strength and courage with the finest red wine from this area.
As we go back to the Central Serbia, in Sumadija region, famous for its rebellious spirit, we will find out why
that spirit remained until nowadays. There is a special area in Sumadija, which carries a title of the best
enological area in the world. As soon as we enter in, You will see why is that - beautiful, sunny hills, plenty of
water and enough three shades were look like made especially for vine growing. Sumadija wines are world
famous for the most sophisticated wine lovers, for no man could resist beautiful taste ofMuscat and Riesling.
About its quality, we will just give You a hint: King Petar I Karadjordjevic once ordered local peasants: ``Do not
make war, but wine!``.

We are already crossing Sava and Danube Rivers and entering Vojvodina region. Our journey is getting close
to the end. Therefore, as a feast without a desert is only eating, we have kept the sweetest thing for the
culmination of our quest. Vojvodina belonged to the Austrian Empire until 1918. Many documents confirm our
claim - the best wines drunk on special occasions came from Panonian valley. Every family has its own secret
recipe, which only the eldest son inherits. It is a secret of Bermet,a special wine served only instead of desert.
No its not a typing error - bermet is so sweet that any cake or other specialty would only disturb the delicate
taste this wine leaves behind itself.

During centuries, people in these lands lived with vine and dedicated their lives in satisfying their hedonistic
needs. As we said, it is not grape that makes the perfect wine, it is LOVE…

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